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  • OraVerse is indicated for the reversal of soft-tissue anesthesia resulting from an intraoral submucosal injection of a local anesthetic containing a vasoconstrictor, following a non-invasive routine dental procedure. OraVerse is not recommended for use in

Caractéristiques et avantages

  • OraVerse is the first and only local anesthesia reversal agent
  • In clinical trials, the median time to recovery of normal sensation in the upper lip was 50 minutes for OraVerse patients vs. 133 minutes for the control group and in the lower lip was 70 minutes for OraVerse patients vs. 155 minutes for the control.
  • In clinical trials, OraVerse patients were more quickly able to smile, speak, drink normally and minimize drooling.
  • Market research shows 88% of patients may be interested in receiving a product like OraVerse1


  • Item #99284 – Box containing 1 blister of 10 x 1.7 ml glass cartridges
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